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The Green Fashion Era | Fashion & Living | Kreate

What is Green Fashion?

Green fashion. The name in itself is a statement. With the slow fashion movement doing rounds in the textile industry, the concept of green fashion is catching the eye of conscious consumers. The green fashion aesthetic or trend runs similar to eco-friendly, sustainable, and minimalist fashion. It's catching the wind because people are becoming more responsible for environmentally sound options that even include minimal and functional clothing. It's a part of the global sustainable fashion movement.

How is it different from fast fashion?

Over the last two decades, the global environmental crisis has peaked at an unprecedented level, mainly because of over-consumption and over-production of cheap fashion. It might just escape our hindsight that the kind of pollution fast fashion does on all levels is also contributing to global climate change.

What does Green Fashion strive for?

Green fashion aims to lessen the garment industry's disastrous environmental effects. It makes everyone accountable for their actions and the after-effects they leave behind.

What is our take on Green fashion?

We need to be mindful about the kind of clothing we choose to go for, just like the kind of products we put inside our bodies. Green fashion plays a vital role in diminishing the disastrous effect of clothing purchases which has disastrous consequences on the planet, people, and animals living on it. Eco-friendly or sustainable fashion highlights the inherent yet hidden issues of the entire clothing industry. As conscious consumers, it is our responsibility to make rational clothing purchases and to also make people aware of how one decision of ours can be crucial to the farmer's and the worker's health.

Kreate offers you a mindful selection of conscious, wise, and sustainable choices in green fashion impacting the environmental footprint of our wardrobe.

Yellow Sundress

About the product:

Brand: Coral House

Size: S, M, L, XL

Price: 1550/-

Shine away with this beautiful sunny, summer dress in delicate embroidery at the bottom and ruffled sleeves. A perfect reflection of sustainable luxury fashion, you can wear it on your Sunday brunches with your girlfriends or on a summer holiday for that perfect summertime bliss.

Eco-friendly Lunch Bag

About the product:

Brand: Twin Tales


Price: Rs 999/-

This eco-friendly lunch box is the ideal pick for all your office and school meals. This eco-bag is made from 100% certified organic cotton fabric and will keep your food secure.

Polka Marine Wallet

About the product:

Brand: Use Me Works

Size: 19 x 10 (in cm)

Closure: Snap Button

Compartments: 2 big compartments and 4 small compartments to hold cards.

Price: Rs 1200/-

Isn't this wallet cute and stylish? Polka print never goes out of trend. Trust me! It's eco-friendly, multi-purpose, and made from upcycled materials with beautiful detailing on the front. All your goodies easily fit in its two big compartments and four small card holders.

Patchwork Natural Dyed Jacket

About the product:

Brand: Indigo Armor

Size: M

Price: Rs 6000/-

Make a sustainable fashion statement with this beautiful Kala cotton patchwork, naturally dyed jacket. All the dyes are eco-friendly and hand dyed. This apparel comes straight from the handlooms of Barabanki village by recycling Shibori pieces with wooden buttons at the front.

Boho Upcycled Home Slippers

About the product:

Brand: Moksha

Size: 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

Price: Rs 500/-

Made from leftover cloth, these boho upcycled blue slippers are nothing but cute. They come in this perfect cloth bag, making it a stylishly sustainable fashion choice, and are very comfortable. You can even make it a sustainable gifting choice for your favourites!

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