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Spruce up your home decor with our collection of wall art - Home & Living I Kreate

Updated: Sep 1, 2022

From Indian folk art paintings to impeccably beautiful abstract art, discover the perfect blend of modern and tradition in our selected range of wall art for the living room.

Add a tinge of newness to your home decor with different types of wall art like paintings, sketches, prints or decals . Therefore, irrespective of whatever taste you prefer, minimalist or modern, for your living room or bedroom decor, you will definitely find the type of wall decor that suits your taste at Kreate.

Traditional Indian Folk Art

About the product:

Brand: Art Zara Hatke

Size: A4

Price: Rs 1199 (20% off)

How about waking up to this beautifully handpainted traditional folk wall art in acrylic colours? This gorgeous unframed picture bears the representation of India's beautiful past where a lady in traditional apparel is seen playing with flowers.

Madhubani Wall Art

About the product:

Brand: SY Mandala Art

Size: A4

Price: Rs 1500/-

Practiced in the Mithila region of India and Nepal, this beautiful Mithila or Madhubani painting depicts two peacocks facing each other, which is representative of the elements in nature. You can hang it against a white-washed background that will brighten up your space instantly.

Traditional Gond Painting

About the product:

Brand: Universal tribes

Size: 12"*8"

Price: Rs 2822/-

It is a tribal art form practiced by the Gonds, one of the largest tribes of Madhya Pradesh, and also found in some pockets of Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Chattisgarh, and Odisha. This beautiful painting speaks of tradition, culture, and history.

Abstract Wall Art

About the product:

Brand: Art by Aishwariya

Size: 30"*30"

Price: Rs 6000/-

This beautiful abstract art uses the visual language of shape, form and line to create a mix of independence that stands out both visually and metaphorically. This modern art definitely spruces up your home decor aesthetic to a totally different level.

Handmade Plate Painting

About the product:

Brand: Moumii's Handmade

Size: 18 cm in diameter

Price: Rs 450/-

This beautiful, handmade plate painting amplifies the complete look of your home decor. Made in brighter acrylic tones, you can put it against a sapphire blue background with some planters beneath.

Lippan Wall Art

About the product:

Brand: Rajvi Goswami

Size: 18" in diameter

Price: Rs 1550/-

Handmade in clay and shades of yellow, pink, and blue, it's Lippan wall art with glass work to amplify your home decor. Living room, bedrooms, or workspace or be it for weddings, anniversaries, housewarmings and birthdays, this wall art is a stylish addition.

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